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Eberhardt Farm

My Grandfather John Adam Eberhardt owned a farm, which is now "Eberhardt Rd". I would love to know exactly where that is!! I've since moved to Florida and tried EastHanover-NJ.com -- no map?? How about both current and historical maps?

Jayne Eberhardt-Vurro

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Good idea! We do have a link to Yahoo maps, but the historical map is tough. It would be fun if I could find one! The next best bet would be to get a copy of Peter Tamburro's book, Gateway to Morris (shown on the home page of EastHanover-NJ.com). In it, he takes a virtual walk around East Hanover as of the turn of the century through the memory of one of our oldest residents. I must admit, though, that trying to figure out what's where from that narrative is tough. Memory is obviously fallible!
On the EastHanover-NJ.com web site, scroll down near the bottom of the home page and click on Yahoo Maps. By zooming in to zoom scale #2 and moving northeast on the map to recenter it, you'll find Eberhardt Rd running south from Ridgedale Avenue a block west of Overlook Avenue.

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Thank you. I did that.  Is the farm house still on the corner? Haven't been there in 35 years!!

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Were you a kid when you were here last? Did you live in town? LOTS has changed since then!

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On the corner is an old brown farm house. That would be Ridgedale & Eberhardt Rd. (I believe it is on the left side)

EberhardtNE.jpg (71748 bytes)

Ridgedale & Eberhardt, Northeast corner
(click photos to see full size)


 I lived in North Caldwell from 1958 until 1981, then moved to Florida. I was raised in the same house since birth, married and moved.

My father Frederick William Eberhardt was the only child of Adam & Louise Wurtenburg-Eberhardt. He immigrated from Germany with his four children: Michael, Lillian, Anna (Wolter) and Joseph, when he left his first wife there in the early 1900's. His first home was in Orange where he worked for Thomas Edison as a tool maker. In the early 1920's (before East Hanover was incorporated) he bought the farm and my dad has stories about the apple trees (stealing the pies that were made!) and homemade sauerkraut. After his parents died, his sister Anna and her husband (the Wolters) lived in the house until her death. The family is buried at Restland Memorial Park, near Nabisco.

I was last there when I was about 15. I'm 43 now, so it was around 1970-3. I remember a skating rink in a park, probably on Ridgedale, a stop sign not too far from the Passaic River, then left. I would love to see some pictures. Do you have a digital camera? My dad just turned 86 and lives in Melbourne, Fl and would love to see the old homestead!

I am sure that lots of things have changed. I have tried to contact Madison High, where he graduated in 1932, but no one seems to be interested. I understand that it is not the same school building, but a simple note would be nice! He talks about the baseball team he played on. (I was hoping to maybe get a picture for his birthday) He loved school and the team. And then, there was WWII...his brother Joe & he owned in gas station in Verona on Bloomfield Ave...and as time goes, the rest is history.

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Yes, I have a digital camera. You can see some pictures of town on the web site. Your Dad may recognize the chapel at Restland, which is a replica of one in England. 
They still flood the parking lot at Lurker Park for ice skating just a few blocks from Eberhardt Street. If I get a chance, I can take a few photos for you and perhaps place them on the web site for you. What would you like to see? (No promises, but if I happen to have the time . . . )

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That would be great!! Definitely Eberhardt Rd and the farm house. 

EberhardtSE.jpg (17873 bytes)

Ridgedale and Eberhardt, Southease corner
(Still no farm house . . .)


I mentioned to my mom that I had emailed with you. What else might have been there in the 1930's as a point of interest for a high schooler? (My dad was born in 1915) He would be thrilled!!)

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Well ... I checked today and there's no farm house on the corner of Ridgedale and Eberhardt. <Sorry!> I can probably get you a photo of the intersection & the street sign ... What else is left from the 30s? ... probably not much. The historic Cook House is still there, as well as the First Presbyterian Church. There's a revolutionary era house on Ridgedale Avenue a few blocks north of Eberhardt Road, too. Does your Dad remember Kitchell Memorial Church? Anything else you can think of?

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My dad mentioned that behind a small church was the first school house (red brick) consisting of two rooms. Is that still there? This is where one teacher taught all the elementary school children of the area. This is where he went to school. If so....can you take a picture?

My dad is excited . . . if you like he is going to see if he can find any pictures of the farm, and his parents. If so, I can scan them a email them to you. Am I starting a big project for you? Let me know.

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What's the church? Was it Kitchell Memorial on Ridgedale Avenue? Just a few blocks from Eberhardt Road? That church is still there. There's an attachment to the church, but no red brick school building anymore, I'm afraid. I can get a photo of the church, if that's the right church . . . There is an old two-room fieldstone (not brick) schoolhouse next to the First Presbyterian Church across town, but no brick schoolhouse near Kitchell.

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After Anna died the property must have been sold and the developer must have gutted it. For years pieces of land behind it were being sold. Oh well, thank you for trying! I need to call my dad and ask him, but I'm sure a church is always a point of remembrance. Are there any German immigrant points of interest? It sounds kind of strange asking for a street sign picture but yes, that will have to do.

EberhardtSign.jpg (15171 bytes)

If you need any further information, please let me know. (My dad may even have a photo of the original house)

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If you have access to a scanner, could you scan it and email it to me? I'd love to include it! I've included here a couple of photos of the intersection so you can see what's where the farmhouse USED to be. 

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I've been involved for about a year researching my family history. You never know where it will take you, what you will find or with whom you will correspond. I have met some wonderful helpers along the way. I do appreciate your interest. I lived in NJ for so many years and never thought to ask questions or do this!!

It must be the Kitchell Memorial. He didn't remember the name only that it was behind a small church. When I mentioned the First Presbyterian Church he said "no, that was in Hanover". I mentioned the Cook House and he didn't say anything for that either. At 86 he doesn't hear that well, but he does have a great memory for names, dates and places.

Where he lived I believe it was part of Whippany (?? - he called it another name prior to East Hanover) at that time and the address was RFD #1, Ridgedale Ave. So what ever area he went to school and lived must have been on the "other side of town".

My mom & dad are going to go through some photos albums and see what they can dig up. They both were surprised to find that the town still floods the parking lot for the rink. I had both of them thinking and recalling some memories.

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That's great. Enjoy the photos. If you (or others!) think of other points of interest I should photograph and include, just let me know. And if you have the opportunity to scan and send me some of your old photos, that would be really fun!

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Just a little update on my Eberhardt family. I met my first cousin Peter Eberhardt this past Labor Day. I have never had so many Eberhardt's in one place. The last time he had seen me he held me.... 43 years ago. I met his son "Adam" along with our Wurtenberg side of the family. It was very interesting and they promised me some pictures of Adam and my dad on the farm. The pictures are scarce since my dad was the youngest and it seems the oldest brother took the family to court for possession of the property. I was able to obtain the deed to the property and all the legal papers involved with the Eberhardt estate. It seems Adam was a frugal stubborn Deutschman who decided to fix his leaking roof himself. He fell off and did a number on his body which lead to his death.

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And here's a recent reply from a resident of Eberhardt Road with some more information on the little red schoolhouse

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I am taking the liberty to try to answer the question you had concerning a little red schoolhouse behind a church in East Hanover your father went to. I am from Germany and lived in East Hanover, NJ since 1960. We bought our house on Eberhardt Road from the Mayor of East Hanover, Paul Sullivan in 1974, and have lived here ever since. His house was the last house on Eberhardt Road until 1971. Mr. Sullivan developed the other half of the Street to meet Brace Drive and many new homes were built there. I also remember the dark brown farm house on the Northeast corner of Eberhardt Road.

My husband was the Civil Defense Communications Director, we joined the East Hanover First Aid Squad in 1964 and stayed until 1970. I became a School Bus Driver at the Hanover Park Regional High School (built in 1956?) in 1968. later I was dispatcher for the Hanover Park Regional High School Transportation Department. In 1988 I became the Transportation Coordinator (Director) for the Township of East Hanover Elementary schools. That is where my story begins. When Ms. Jayne Eberhardt-Vurro said her father went to the first school house (red brick) consisting of 2 rooms, it came to me, where I had my Transportation office, is one of the rooms your father remembers. 

BoardOffice.jpg (10106 bytes)You see, behind the Kitchell Memorial Church (not attached) is an old school building, it is not red brick today, but it could have been; it has stucco on the outside now. The building was called Hanover Neck School and was added on to in later years, and was still used as a school when my daughter Susan went there for Kindergarten in 1960. Mrs. Dalladucka was the teacher. 

A new School was built on the other side of River Road about 1967 named Frank J. Smith School. Our other daughter Sandee went there for Kindergarten, and Mrs. Dalladucka was still teaching there. 

The East Hanover Board of Education took over the old Hanover Neck School building and it became the home for the East Hanover Board of Education. On some of the older maps of East Hanover the section of town called Hanover Neck is still shown. We now have in East Hanover Saint Rose of Lima K thru 8, Frank J. Smith School K thru 2, Central School grades 3 thru 5 and another school was built in 1969 called East Hanover Middle School for  students in grades 6 thru 8. The Cobblestone School on Mt. Pleasant Ave. is now the home for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Senior Citizens club. 

Sincerely Ms Adele M. Maciejewski, 52 Eberhardt Road

Photo of Board of Education offices is by Ms Maciejewski. 

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I am Ben Brace. My Father (also Ben Brace, now deceased) developed the properties along Brace Drive including the intersecting Eberhard Drive. I believe the farmhouse that Jayne is looking for is actually at Cedar Street and Ridgedale Avenue as the original Farm property went back to Eberhardt Drive. The Smith family lived there when I was in E. Hanover. I left E. Hanover in 1959 to seek my fame and fortune. My brother, Larry Brace, still lives at 35 Troy Road.

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Jayne sent us in some photos recently to add to the discussion.

The farm house pictures are circa unknown, but the estimate is 1940's?

The Eberhardt family is in their living room. In the back are: Frederick William (my Dad), Joseph Bruno, Michael, Louise Wurtenberg-Eberhardt, Adam Eberhardt, Lillian (married Paul Wolter and lived at property until her death), Lillian (Shuba). I believe this picture may have been a party to send Fred & Mike off to war. They have NO stripes on their sleeves. Could this be a correct assumption?


Ben Brace again...... Just wanted to report that the last Brace in East Hanover (brother Larry) has his house up for sale and has purchase a home in Santa Rosa, California (where his oldest son is). Sad, but time marches on. Our eastern most relatives are in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area (which actually the Brace homestead area) as everyone "goes west!" as they say.

Appreciate all the help from you and your website in documenting some of the history of East Hanover.

I was cruising through my e-mail files here at the University (Ohio State) and saw that had not updated E. Hanover on Larry's disappearing act from town. I was cleaning out my e-files as I will retire a second time from the University on August 31st. But the real estate business is keeping me very busy. My e-mail address after the 31st is BenBrace@BenBrace.com

Ben Brace
Grove City, Ohio

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Just found your web site and really enjoyed the letters concerning the Eberhardt Farm. My family lived directly across the street from the brown farm house during the 50's.

We knew Anna and her husband very well and remember her corn fields and other great vegies she grew. The were great neighbors to the city folks from West Orange who moved in across the street.

My three brother and I had a great time living there, especially my brothers. I have wonderful memories of East Hanover and going to high school in Madison. It is very sad to see Route 10 these days. I was back for my 50th class reunion 9n 2004 and was amazed
at the growth and traffic.

I found your picture of the charter members of the First Aid Squad and enjoyed seeing some very familiar faces again. They were a great bunch of folks and served our town very well.

Thanks again for the walk down memory lane.

Barbara Michal Reed

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